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Returns and Exchanges

Do you allow exchanges?

Exchanges are available only for Origin, Polysleep, Aura and Zephyr mattresses purchased directly on our website, and only during the 100-night trial period*. We do not accept exchanges on our pillows.*Please note that exchanges are only available af

What is the return process?

Mattresses. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your mattress, you may return it for a refund after the first 45 days of your 100-night trial* (barring an $89.95 +tx administrative fee). * Please note that Polysleep's return policy only al

Do I get a trial if I exchange a product?

Our customers are only eligible for one trial period. For example, suppose you buy a Polysleep mattress, and after the 45-day trial period, you decide to exchange it for a Zephyr. In that case, unfortunately, you will not be entitled to another trial

What happens to returned or exchanged products?

Polysleep is proud to work closely with local charities across Canada, to donate new and barely used mattresses to families and individuals in need. If the mattress can’t be donated, it will be 100% recycled.

Return exceptions : Yukon, Northwest territories, Nunavut

Unfortunately, the 100-night trial is unavailable in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut due to the difficulties in returning the mattresses.