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Styling your SIERRA mattress cover cornersUpdated 8 months ago

If you bought our Sierra mattress, you made a wonderful choice to sleep on a top quality, Canadian made product - for less. 

Just as with our other Polysleep products, the SIERRA is manufactured by Canadians, for Canadians (and beyond), featuring our top quality, antimicrobial foam certified CertiPUR-US, and the same quality materials you've come to expect in a Polysleep product.

So why is it so affordable?
The answer is simple: unlike our other mattresses, the SIERRA is encased in its cover by a newly developed, automatic process, which was engineered to be efficient and independent - thus helping reduce our cost of production.

We are therefore able to produce the SIERRA faster and get it to our customers in a much more timely manner!

However, this also gives our mattress a more youthful look, which we're counting on you to help mature to its full potential.

After the first 24-72 hours, when your mattress will be fully expanded, you will notice the corners of the mattress cover sticking out from the sides.

To style your SIERRA mattress, simply tuck the corners in as shown in our videos below et voila! This simple, 2 minute investment in your new mattress' looks will allow you to sleep as comfortably and dreamily as on any other Polysleep product.

Sierra No hand.mp4667KB

Watch out, world. A new dream team was just born: 
YOU x Polysleep = the most affordable, superior quality foam Canadian mattress on the market!

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