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How can I clean or protect my Polysleep Mattress ?Updated 9 months ago

Firstly, we recommend investing in a Mattress Protector as it is an ideal permanent solution to protecting your mattress from most types of incidents. 

In addition to being incredibly soft, our own mattress protector is also resistant to liquids and offers an extra layer of insulation against dust mites and bacteria - a combination that extends the life of your mattress.

If you are looking to clean unfortunate accidents from your mattress, such as bodily fluids (urine or blood) or staining alcohol, we kindly refer you to this helpful article on our blog.

In addition, note that the Polysleep, Aura and Zephyr covers are washable. 
Note that we ONLY recommend a delicate wash with cold water only and air dry. 

For the foam, only spot cleaning with a damp cloth and dish detergent is possible. Ensure the foam is fully dry before putting the mattress cover back on, or you can risk creating moisture within and damage to your mattress. 

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